Get customers of value for your business

The use of social media in Denmark has increased significantly over the past five years. There are currently over 3 million Danes who are registered on Facebook, and each American consumes an average of 5 hours and 15 minutes on Facebook each week. Social media has therefore become a huge market for businesses – but how do you find relevant customers?

With Sleeknote you get the opportunity to reach relevant customers through a simple slide-in tool, which is implemented directly into your store or website.

What do clients say?

We have continuously tried to create a larger customer base on Facebook, but it had been difficult to reach relevant customers. Through Sleeknote we set up a competition through the online store. Participants would just have to like our Facebook page through the SleekNote tab, to enter in the chance to win a 2000 dansih krones gift card to the store.

We quickly found that it was a success and increased our presence on Facebook. However, it was very important that it did not affect our financial ratios for the online store, such as conversion rate and bounce rate. We have now tested the product and found that none of our key figures have been affected.

John V. Pedersen, Director

Top features

Build your own Sleeknote

Flexibility is the key word in relation to Sleeknote – you can set a variety of parameters to suit your particular business and target audience. You can build your Sleeknote around the most used social media such as Facebook and Twitter, or you can choose to take advantage of newsletter subscription. To attract customers from specific media channels you can offer Sleeknote as a contest, promotion code, pdf or a quote. You can therefore attract your customer base in just the marketing channel that fits your business – fast, easy and simple!

You decide where you want your Sleeknote

Through the SleekNote administration panel set the position of your Sleeknote and thereby adjust the exact needs of your shop / website. At Sleeknote we know that other plugins like live chat services can be critical to your business. Therefore, we leave it up to you to decide the position of your Sleeknote.You have the option to enter a number of parameters that define your Sleeknote.This could be, for example slide-in timings and design.